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A very delicious social beer,
brewed with love in Belgium. Love | Tony Beer

The Social Tony

Tony is a strong Belgian Golden blond beer with a subtle bitter aftertaste. Made with local Belgian ingredients. With his 8,5% he's strong and powerful.

Be thirsty, my dear,

Finally, your time to be social! Tony has a little game to stimulate social interaction. It's simple, you'll get a funny assignment to do with your friends. If the assignment matches your Tony name, it's your challenge. Be a Tony, play the game. ;)

Yes make me social

We are a local brand,
based on passion and craftsmanship
We love online, we ship to you.


Every Tony is made with love in Ghent, Belgium.
We challenged ourselves to create the best recipe we could imagine.
Every ingredient is carefully selected by drinking experts.

You can order fresh bottles of Tony and of course official Tony merch right here.
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*Merchandise shipping between 3-7 working days. Belgian based, pricing includes excise (accijns) and VAT.


Verzendingen binnen belgië kost €5,70

Tony bier is artisanaal, we proberen telkens je bestelling asap te versturen.

Bestellingen boven €70, zijn gratis

Levering tussen de 2 - 5 dagen. 




Er wordt leeggoed aangerekend voor flesjes en bakken.

€0,10 per fles

€2,40 per bak